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Infrared Sauna

Full spectrum infrared saunas cover the range of infrared to offer the benefits of each part of the spectrum- far, near, and mid infrared.

Our full spectrum infrared spa treatments utilize infrared light to heat your core temperature and detoxify your skin. Better than conventional sauna treatments.

Individual Session


Package of 10


Package of 20


Red Light Therapy "Add On"


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Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

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How Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Work?

Full spectrum infrared saunas take the body from a sympathetic state (“fight or flight”) to a parasympathetic state (“rest, digest and repair”), which helps reduce the effects of stress on the body and enhance whole body wellness.

*Results may vary, this is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions or promise specific results or cures.


Please make sure you fill out the intake forms 24 hours before your first visit - Brooke Carter (CRNP)

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