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Packages and Prices

Stay on top of your health with our IV Vitamin Infusion packages at Element Wellness. IV infusion packages are designed to make getting the vitamins and hydration you need easier, faster and more affordable.


Reach your optimal level of health! Just like with diet and exercise, vitamin IV infusion is the most beneficial when done consistently. As a member at Element Wellness, you will have access to special pricing and benefits to help support your health and wellness goals.

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Consultation & Packages

Consultation                  $30

Detailed Consultation   $75

Infusion Packages (5)   $700

Infusion Packages (10) $1200

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IV Infusions

Anti-Aging                      $177

Myer's Cocktail               $177

Immunity Booster          $137

Sinus/Allergies              $157

Athletic Performance    $177

Hangover Remedy       $147

PMS Relief                     $137 

Migraine Relief              $157 


MICC Lipotrophic Injections

Individual Injections       $27

Package of (10)              $260

Package of (20)             $500



IV Add-Ons for Infusions & Injections

Vitamin B12                    $15

B-Complex                     $15

Glutathione 2000mg   $60


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Vitamin B12 Injections

Individual Injection         $17

Package of (10)              $125

Package of (20)             $230

Vitamin D injections.png

Vitamin D Injections

Individual Injections       $40

(50, 000) IU per injection

3 Month Plan                 $100

(This is three injections, one  injection a month for three months).


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