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CRYO Slim is an effective and non-invasive treatment that can help you lose fat from specific problematic parts of your body. While most people already know that following the right diet and exercise program can be effective in getting rid of unwanted body fat, there are some of us who still have difficulty getting rid of stubborn fat in spite of faithfully dieting and exercising.
Fat cells happen to be more sensitive to changes in temperature than other cells in your body so, when you cool them, the water in them expands, breaking the cell. These cells then pass out of the lymphatic system.

Image by Greg Rosenke

Benefits of CryoSlim

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Package of 5 Fat or Cellulite Reduction Sessions


Package of 5 Rejuvenation Sessio


Package of 5 Face or Neck Treatments



How Does Cryoslim Work?

Cryoslim can also help reduce cellulite. This works by cooling the subcutaneous areas of the legs which creates vasodilation or expansion of the blood vessels. This brings in more collagen which helps break down the fibers which create the dimpling.

*Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease or illness.


Please make sure you fill out the intake forms 24 hours before your first visit - Brooke Carter (CRNP)

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