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Young Athletes

Athletic Performance IV

"Eye Of The Tiger"

Athletes push their bodies to peak performance levels on a regular basis, whether that means competing in challenging matches, participating in endurance activities like marathons, working out at the gym, or training at home. This intense activity, however, can lead to the loss of fluids and minerals through sweating and sore and aching muscles during the recovery phase. 


You left it all out on the field, which means you may be feeling the uncomfortable, or even painful, aftermath the next day. Sore muscles and joints, fatigue, lack of energy, and changes in mood are common side effects of strenuous activity or overexertion. Recovery is important because your body needs this time to rest and repair.


But recovery for athletes needs to be effective. If you don’t nurture your body by keeping it properly hydrated, getting enough sleep, and eating well, it may take longer to bounce back from a vigorous workout or athletic event. This can throw you off your training schedule or make it harder to compete at your highest level.


A drip IV can help with athletic recovery and sports performance by supplying your body with the vitamins, minerals, and fluids it needs to function at its best. 


  • To rehydrate efficiently

  • To lower the chance of muscle cramps

  • To promote smoother recovery


  • Saline

  • Magnesium

  • B-Complex

  • Calcium

  • Glutathione

Athletic Performance



Please make sure you fill out the intake forms 24 hours before your first visit - Brooke Carter (CRNP)

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