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What makes our offices different?

Updated: Jul 1

1. Boutique wellness destination. While we are busy in our offices and serve many

patients, we are a boutique wellness destination, and offer a personalized experience

you can’t get at a chain.

2. We honor your time. Both of our offices reserve specific appointment times to honor

your schedule. We do our best to stay on track and maintain the highest level of service

and professionalism.

3. Save gas and time! You'll find a wide variety of services for feeling and looking your

best all in one place, because Element Wellness and Greystone Chiropractic are located

in the same building! The traffic on Highway 280 can be bad, but there is very little traffic

between the adjustment table, the massage room, our IV chairs, or the esthetician! No

more running from place to place to take care of all of your wellness services. We

conveniently schedule several services for people who take advantage of discounts

when they bundle!

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