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It’s More Than Just a Knot

Are those knots in your muscles back AGAIN?

You just had a good massage, and you REALLY felt great afterward. Now you wish that feeling would last longer.

There IS something you can do to make your sessions have a more lasting effect.

Chiropractic adjustments! Regular chiropractic care can help extend the relaxing effects of your massage.

Muscles can get knotted when you’re misaligned.

Muscles support your back and neck all day long. They create stability and facilitate your movements by contracting with your spinal joints.

If your joints are misaligned and stuck, your muscles must pull against unyielding forces... like yanking hard to open a locked door!

Muscles experience the same jolt when trying to move a joint that won’t budge, creating recurring trigger points, spasm, and tightness.

Chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion and alignment to the spine so when freshly massaged muscles contract, they won’t re-knot themselves.

That’s in addition to the resurgence of energy and the reduction of STRESS you experience when your spine is well adjusted!

Massage and chiropractic go hand-in-hand!

Call Element Wellness at 205-326-7333 for more info on massage services!

Call Greystone Chiropractic at 205-981-8090 for more info on chiropractic!

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