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Vitamin D3 Injections

What is Vitamin D and what’s it for? Technically, vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s a type of fat-soluble hormone produced by the body. This is achieved by converting the rays of the sun into vitamin D when they’re absorbed into the skin. However, there are several factors that may prevent you from getting enough vitamin D from sunlight. These include the use of UV-blocking sunscreen, too much time spent indoors, or pollution and cloud cover that keeps UV rays from fully reaching the earth’s atmosphere.

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There is a reason that vitamin D is one of the most discussed vitamins in the world of health and diet. As we went over in the previous section, vitamin D can have powerful effects on the body and mind.

We discussed the specific benefits of vitamin D, such as promoting healthy bones and improving cognitive health. Applied to your life, this can translate into a number of tangible changes. You can be more productive at work, getting the cognitive boost you need to take care of your task and make important new strides in your professional life.

For athletes, vitamin D can be a game changer. Healthy bones and an improved immune system can go a long way in making sure you’re prepared for your next game or competition. Even if you’re not an athlete, it’s important you feel good in your day-to-day life and have the energy to keep up with work, activities, and relationships


  • Encourages the development of strong bones

  • Prevents bone loss

  • Alleviates bone pain, muscle aches, and symptoms of inflammation

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Enhances mood and reduces anxiety

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, and cognitive decline

Vitamin D Injections

Individual Injections       $40

(50, 000) IU per injection

3 Month Plan                 $100

(This is three injections, one  injection a month for three months).



Please make sure you fill out the intake forms 24 hours before your first visit - Brooke Carter (CRNP)

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