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My name is Teresa Epstein and I am the Certified Personal Trainer &  Certified Yoga Teacher here at Element Wellness Center.

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My Story

Teresa Epstein fell in love with  yoga over 15 years ago when she attended her first power yoga class in San Diego. Following her dream to learn more on how to cultivate the body through movement she moved to Hawaii where she was exposed to Bikram Yoga. The intensity and rhythm of hot yoga methods inspired her to teach yoga to others, and she began teaching yoga classes on the beach at sunset. Her journey in health continued when she moved to Shasta Mountain as a working student to learn about holistic nutrition at LavaOasis Farm, where she learned how to care for the earth as well as our bodies in a natural way. 

In 2013 Teresa was first introduced to Chiropractic, which was pivotal to her life perspective. Passionate to contribute within a chiropractic setting by using her knowledge of body movement she studied to become a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM in 2019. She then enriched this and deepened her yoga practice by achieving her Yoga Teacher Certification from the Academy of Holistic Fitness.


Teresa has her BS in Psychology with a Certificate in Mental Health from UAB. She is also working toward her Master of Clinical/Medical Social Work (MSW) at UAB. She hopes to use the skills she gains in the program to fortify her yoga instruction and allow her to integrate yoga in mental health care as a yoga therapist. 




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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